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Just This Side of Heaven, is a delightful, heartwarming story.  I have had many dogs, cats, and even horses that I have shared my life with. I eventually had to say goodbye to, so it is something I know all to well. Just This Side of Heaven deals with grief, in such a way that it really gives the reader a chance to cry with the author, but then to feel the power of faith, love and healing from the other side.  I will definitely encourage my customers to pick up a copy of Just This Side of Heaven!
                        Kathy Licato, Kennel Manager/Dog Trainer, Daisy Hill Boarding Kennel, Inc.

Whether you are a dog lover or not, Penny will find a way into your heart. This is a well-written book and quick read. Once you start reading it, you won't want to put it down. Make sure you have a box of tissues nearby because you're definitely going to need them! The author has a wonderful way of telling a story and I can't wait for his next book!
                       K.M. Brown, Cleveland, NY

I ordered Just This Side of Heaven, after hearing Timothy Glass on radio station 700 WLW here in Ohio. My Beagle, Rocket, passed 11/11/08. I did not know if I could get through this terrible loss. I thank you so much for your book; it has really helped me to deal with my Rocket's passing. It is reassuring to hear others feel the same about their dogs, I truly loved the book and will most likely read it many times.
                       M. Schon, Cincinnati, OH

For two years, I was unable to deal with the death of my son. I heard you on the radio speaking about your book and purchased it. I honestly do not understand how something so small that you wrote and talked about could make such a difference in my life, but it has. The Dash was what I was missing. Thank you for helping me to understand how important it is to celebrate the life that I miss and not focus on the death.
                       K. Johnson, Salinas, CA

I once wondered if anyone could possibly put into words what I felt in my heart after the loss of my pug. Thank you for one of the most wonderful books that has come along. I feel as though you read my mind and heart
                       M. Reed, St. Paul, MN

I heard you talk on the radio recently and felt I should read your book. When the book came in, I sat down and read it from cover to cover. I have to say this book should be in the mainstream on the bookshelves of every bookstore for people who have lost a loved one to read.
                       R.Vicker, American Canyon, CA

Not just for dog lovers! I heard Timothy talk about the dash and purchased the book. His message is full of inspiration, hope and healing for anyone who has lost a loved one or pet.
                       Mary Jane Kent, Santa Barbara, CA

A must read, no matter what breed of dog you love. I found the chapter on the “Dash” to be powerful and meaningful; not only as a pet lover, but in my own life.
                       James Miller, Dallas. TX

Tim's words echo what we certainly know. Our pets teach us much, love so deeply, and are missed beyond words.
                       Ann Beyke, M.A., LPC - Pet Loss and Bereavement Counselor

I recommend this book to any pet lover, no matter what breed you have. This book pulled me into the story and is a fast page-turner. What an intuitive and touching way to look at life with our pets.
                       Anita Glenn, Kansas City, MO

I am a dog lover, and had lost my beloved bulldog. I came away after reading this book with a healing feeling; not only about my pet, but also the loss of my mother. Thank you for a wonderful book.
                       L. Paulson, White Plains, New York

A very intuitive journey into living with a pet, loving a pet, and losing a pet. This writer is a page-turner; I could not put this book down, start to finish.
                       G. Conner, Colorado Springs, CO

A heartwarming, true story of loyalty, love, courage, and renewal. Just This Side of Heaven is a healing journey for all ages of a bond that transcends the differences between people and their companions, taking readers to a deeper level where all beings live, and die, as one.
                       Dr. Mark A. Arcuri - Transformational Life Guide

I have to say, after reading Marley and Me, I thought there would never again be a book so powerful and touching. I was wrong; Just This Side of Heaven goes beyond and takes an intuitive look at pet companionship and loss.
                       E. Jackson, Spring Valley, Nevada

This is a touching love story between a family and their pet. I felt their joy and pain. A must read for any pet lover.
                       Margaret Flower, Santa Monica, CA

I felt like a part of the Glass family. This author paints a graphic portrait with each and every word upon the page. I laughed and cried with them.
                       Thelma Williams, Solon, Ohio

Be prepared to laugh, cry, and look at the right of passage in a new and different way. A wonderful story told in a masterful way.
                       Albert Williams, Champaign, Illinois

The forever-young syndrome that Timothy Glass talks about in the book hits the nail on the head for every pet lover. A must read!
                       Jake Davis, Malibu, California

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